Condition of use;




cover grading

record grading



No stickers address labels, writing on the covers or labels. No tears or seam splits. No wear to the cover or record period! Age of the record has nothing to do with it.

The record looks like it has just left the manufacturer, with NO flaws what so ever. It looks as though it had never been handled. No scuffs or scratches, blotches or stains.


Near mint

The cover looks as close to perfect with only minor signs of wear and or age. Minor impressions to the cover (due to the outer edge of the vinyl resting inside) may be acceptable, however the artwork is be as close to perfect as can be.

 The record appears virtually flawless A very minor scuff and very little else can appear on the vinyl. It should play without any noise over the flaw. The flaw is very hard to see.

EX / VG++


Cover: Artwork is still as close to perfect as can be. Some impression to the cover (minor outer ring wear) but no ink wear! Some slight creases to the corners, but not wrinkled and obtrusive to the eye. The corners can show white (where the artwork pasted slick was) meaning, slight wear. No seam splits or writing on the cover or taped repairs can make this grade.

Minor scuffs which are only slightly visible. There may be more than a few scuffs and No Scratches


Very Good +

VG+ covers will look nice but used. There will be some ring wear, where the ink has begun to wear off.

Still play very good. there will almost always be some surface noise when they are played.


Very Good

 Very Good cover strong solid cover maybe a split or a open side, written a name on back cover, but I will always describe that in my item description.

 Very Good record will look very well played, However a Good record should still play. It will have some surface noise. Such as crackle or some hiss.. Good means that it will play with some form of decency, so one can still enjoy the music even though you can still hear noise caused from the wear.



Still a good object. A Good cover, has some open sides written a name on front or back cover.

 Records play with some crackle sometimes a skip or pop.

If I list a Good Grading record it’s a very obscure item or a very rare object.

Most of the time I will grade my items with Very Good( VG ) or Higher.

Only rare or obscure items will i grade with ( G ).